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   Founded in 1943, CSZY(Original Changsha Zhengyuan Engine Parts Factory), the first manufacturer of pistons and piston rings in China.The factory ranked the 158th among the 500 biggest machine building enterprises in China issued by the State Statistic Bureau in 1993,according to their profit and tax.
  With 10 workshops,2 divisions and a laboratory,it covers an area of 300,000 sq.meters and has more than 3000 staff,of these over 300 are technical personnel.There are 1421 sets of equipment,among them 586 sets are metal-cutting machines,32 sets imported equipment,109 sets measuring instruments.The fixed assets of the factory is worth 160 million Chinese yuan.
  Being one of the eariest factories to carry out the Total Quality Control,The factory has made up product quality regulations according to the standard of Shanghai Volkswagen AG,and produced according to ISO 9002 and QS9000.Its business principle is the quality first and the reputation first."正" Brand piston ring series 105 and 95 were the only winner of the State Silver Medal,and the piston series 105 won a High Quality Prize a warded by the Ministry of Machine Building Industry.The piston and piston rings manufactured by the factory have a high reputation at home and abroad.
  Its annual output of pistons from Φ32-Φ160mm is 1.5 million,accounting for 7% of the market share.Besides the conventional pistons,other pistons can be made,such as variable-ovality barrel piston,pistons with groove carrier,expansion control struts,ceramic fiber insert,taper pinhole and different shapes of head,with the materials of eutectic,hypereutectic,and hypoeutectic alloys.The surface treatments include tin-plating,anodising and graphite-spraying.
  Its annual output of piston rings from Φ32-Φ840mm has reached 30 million(including 12 million pieces of chromium plated rings),making up 9% of the market share.The types include plan,keystone tapered,stepped,Mapier,single-piece oil control ring ,multipiece steel rail ring,steel ring and inlaid ring,with the materials of alloy cast iron,nodular cast iron,malleable iron,semi-malleable iron.and hot resistant rail.The surface treatments are as follows:chromium-plating,phosphating,ionitriding,molybdeum-spraying and laser processing.
  The factory attaches importance to the importation and digestion of advanced technology,and has imported sophisticated technology and equipment from Britain,America,Japan,Germany,Swiss,such as "Hard Chromium Plating Technology for Piston Ring"from AE Group,Britain in 1979,"Design,Manufacture and Measuring Technology for Piston Ring"from Goetze AG,Germany in 1983.Sixteen groups(50 people)were sent to those cuntries to study.With its product quality reaching the advanced level in 1990s the factory now leads its Chinese counterparts in the chromium plating technology for piston rings and nodular cast iron ring processing technology,and can undertake high level design and manufacture task.
  The factory is a part supplier of more than 100 OEMs and over 1100 after-sale service fittings companies.The three kinds of piston rings for Santana,CA488,and Cummins engines have received part production licences granted by ShangHai Volkswagen AG,the First Motor Plan of China,and Chongqing Automobile Eingine Plant after strict test and appraisal at home and abroad.Since regular supply relations with the famous Chinese enterprises(Guangxi Y.C.stock inc,The first Motor Plant,Shanghai Volkswagen AG,Chongqing Automobile Eingine Plant and Shanghai Diesel Engine Stock inc,.,ect.)have been established,its marketiong area is getting wider and wider.
  The factory is also a regular component supplier for China National Railways Ministry and China National Marine Corperation.Apart from pistons and piston rings,it makes stationary,movable and floationg,cranes and harbour machinery.
  The factory will invest heavily in the optimization of the type of the products and the development of the fittings for automobile and motorcycle to meet the needs of the and market conform to the /state Industry Policy.
  By the year of 2000,the factory have supplied 70% of its production for the automobile industry and become a important production base of automobile parts in China.Hunan Zhengyuan Engine Parts Factory with a history of 60 years will change beyond recognition.
  Customers at home and abroad are warmly welcome for visiting and ordering.

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